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news round-up 31.8.15

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


On Lip this week

Annabelle Regan discusses the benefits of weightlifting

I quit my gym to avoid unwanted male attention: Nicola Bryant on sexism in co-ed gyms

Marie Davis reviews the film Stalkher

 Operation Fortitude cancelled amid public outrage

 Amy Mckenna talks about ‘female viagra’: is it really a win for women?


 And much, much more!


Elsewhere on the Interwebs

Mark Latham continues his bid to be the second most loathsome man in Australia, this time bringing his particular brand of vile garbage to a panel at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival.

Bill Shorten has been called on to overturn the selection order of Labor’s Senate candidates in Tasmania, after a little-known male union official was placed ahead of Senator Lisa Singh, one of the state’s highest profile Labor figures.

Tinder user includes the word ‘feminist’ in her bio and puts the responses up on Instagram.

Subway may have known about Jared Fogle’s crimes as far back as 2008.

Researchers have found that girls are ‘slut-shamed’ for being sexually active in the 6th grade, while 6th grade boys experience an increase in peer-acceptance.

The Daily Telegraph attacked a school for screening Gayby Baby, a documentary that looks at the lives of children in same-sex parenting families. As the documentary promotes inclusion, acceptance, and not being a horrible person, it’s no wonder that the ‘journalists’ at the Daily Telegraph took umbrage to the film.  Gaybe Baby has now been banned in schools by the NSW government, resulting in a protest yesterday outside of the News Corp headquarters.

Too little, too late: Gillard decides that she does support same-sex marriage after all.

The Australian Lawyers Alliance claim that sexual assaults in the Nauru detention centre have been covered up the Australian government.

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