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combating body negativity during the holiday season

It’s that time of the year again. Holiday celebrations have just come and gone, and whatever you celebrate, it generally involves lots of food and drink and seeing relatives you might not ordinarily choose to see. For a lot of people, it also involves the inevitable questions. “When are you getting married?” “Are you seeing anyone special?” “What are you doing with yourself?” “Where are you working?” “What are you eating?” “Do you think you should be eating that?” “Oh, I’m being so bad.” “Oh, I’m being so naughty.” “My New Year’s resolution is a diet!” etc etc ad nauseum. Emphasis on the nauseum.

Luckily, I’m prepared this year. I have read through all the posts in this one consolidated post linked from Natalie and I am ready to combat any fat negativity that comes my way, whether it’s from the outside world or from my inside world.

I already had a chance to put this to the test when I received a very large gift in the mail just before Christmas. It was a Secret Santa present, all the way from the US, filled with numerous seasonal chocolates and lollies. I, of course, had to taste test every chocolate and lolly in the box. And there were a LOT.

Afterwards, I felt guilty. This always happens to me at this time of the year. Despite being someone who practices Health at Every Size and intuitive eating, I still beat myself up for the occasional indulgence. Every. Time. It’s hard to remember to take care of myself during the holiday period. It’s hard to remember that this sort of attitude is exacerbated and exaggerated at this time of year.

Until I came across Natalie’s collection of posts, that is. I reminded myself to be kind to myself. I continued my usual exercise routine, marvelling at the privilege my healthy body has, I took a bath, did a face mask and hair mask and just soaked. I made a delicious dinner with the spice rub that also came with my Secret Santa gift and surrounded myself with positive people who love me. I realised these feelings are going to pass and I am not the worst person in the world for indulging during the holidays. I think we all need to remind ourselves of this, not just at this time of the year, but all the time. You are not a bad person, and you are loved, no matter how many treats you had over the holiday period!

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One thought on “combating body negativity during the holiday season

  1. Love this article–I think it’s so important to recognise that there’s no morality inherent in eating…it’s just food! HAES and intuitive eating have been a big part in helping me understand that.

    The link’s not working though, and I’d love to read Natalie’s posts 🙁

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