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dream big for the rest of the year

Now that the excitement of the new year has dulled down and we’re well on our way into February, things, sadly, seem less exciting. January flew by and with the exception of learning a new crochet stitch I feel like I’ve missed out on an entire 31 days of productivity and general awesomeness.

I feel stuck once again and am beginning to wonder why don’t I see what others see in me? Whatever it was that I thought I had, I feel like I’m losing it. And then I came across a youtube channel called ‘imboycrazy’ and in particular a recently tagged video called ‘Welcome to 2012: a rant‘.

Alexi, a super cute button with an obvious fascination for boys, speaks rather rapidly about the changes of the year to come. She talks about empowerment, confidence and entitlement to only the best for our lives.

End of the world? No. A shift in consciousness? Yes. And what should we do? Embrace the opportunities that we have and dream the biggest dreams we can, then make them happen. Contrary to many of the comments, I don’t believe her use of swear words makes her unladylike and I think her words have real meaning.

Isn’t it funny that sometimes you come by things that you wouldn’t normally (i.e. being up at 2am scrolling through youtube videos). This is certainly one of those things. Alexi’s youtube clip came into my life when I was feeling low and has really uplifted my spirits in such a significant way that I couldn’t pass on the chance to share with you all.

Although the first few weeks of the year have flown by, it doesn’t mean we have to get caught up in the idea of  ‘where did the months go?’ It’s only mid-February and there’s many days, nights and magical moments in between for us to capture. We can’t keep waiting for the future to come to us, the future is what we make it.

So what are your wildest dreams that you haven’t dared say aloud? Take the chance to write them down, put them out in the universe and make them happen. As it was once said our greatest fear is not our failures, but our successes (or something like that) and now is the time to act.

Dream big, believe big, and happy new year!

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