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feminist in focus: tiana osborne

tiana osborne

Name: Tiana (Toz) Osborne

Describe yourself in one word.

What inspires you?
People who are confident in being exactly who they are meant to be, without worrying about others’ views of them.

What’s the most important feminist cause in your life?
The fight to help make women feel as safe on the street as most men do. No one should have to grow up thinking they need to be careful going anywhere alone; like they’re risking their lives to enjoy their life.

Is there room for men in feminism? Why/Why not?
Yes, of course. We need as many people to be on board with feminism as possible for anything to change in society.

Which feminist stereotype annoys you most? Why?
The stereotype that all women want men gone from the world, and are radical ‘nazi-feminists’. It gives those who identify as a feminist a bad name, since it makes me people too scared to call themselves a feminist in case of ridicule.

What would have to change before men and women achieved true equality?
Some of the men in this world would have to stop pretending that they are okay with women having more power and actually be okay with it. They need to give up the idea that they won’t have control over anything, and let women be equal. Some men need women to be less than them to sleep easy at night, and that thinking has to stop if anything is ever going to change.

You’re hosting a fictional feminist dinner party and there’s room to invite three influential feminists. Who are they? And why?
Emma Watson – The work she does all over the world in all its forms is inspiring. She is intelligent, funny, beautiful and does it all without ever faltering. She has paved the way for younger feminists to believe in their cause and follow in her footsteps. She is one of my all time favourite people.

Ellen Page – Ellen has been an ever-present voice in the feminist community, consistently standing up, yelling and screaming, trying to make her points heard. She has some outstanding views on the way the world should work. And as I’m part of the LGBT community as well, she certainly sparks my interest when it comes to her stance on LGBT rights and its role in the new wave of feminism.

Malala Yousafzai – When I first read Malala’s story I was intrigued and baffled. She stood up for something she believed in and didn’t back down. Yes, it cost her all she knew. But she stands by what she did, and is now working to improve the lives of girls all over the world. I would love to chat with her about how her journey has been for her personally.

What does the future of feminism look like?
I would like to see the need for feminism disappear. One day, maybe, we will not need feminism at all, and those of us who are fighting for it now will be looked at in awe by those who get to experience the after effects of all our fighting efforts.

I need feminism because… my biological sex should not be the reason I am treated a certain way in society, whether I identify with it or not.

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