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lip top 10: women-related election gaffes

Tony Abbott Day 9 Penrith Stadium
I was tempted to ignore the Federal Election completely this fortnight. Really I was. The problem is, half of my job at the moment involves candidates, announcements and mud slinging, so a good half of my brain space has been cleared out to stuff the facts in. There’s an inevitable spill over into the rest of my life, which is why I will now present you with a few woman-related gaffes, some potential gifts and basically moments which sum up how women in general have been treated this campaign.

1. Kevin Baker’s ‘tit banter’
The Liberal candidate for Charlton in New South Wales has fallen on his sword after he was found to be encouraging sexist conversation and jokes on a forum he runs. Since the revelation, he has withdrawn (although his name will still appear on the ballot because it had already been drawn) and shut down the website, but I’m sure the jokes he made objectifying women, incest, paedophilia and child abuse will live forever.

2. Fiona Scott’s sex appeal
I couldn’t help but laugh at this one because when Tony Abbott said that the Liberal candidate for Lindsay, Fiona Scott, had sex appeal, I could just imagine the facepalms of all his minders. The more he slips up, the more I tend to pity him for his lack of filter. I mean, K Rudd could very well think the same of one of his candidates, but at least he isn’t saying it out loud.

3. The paid parental leave schemes
The Coalition has announced their policy, which will see 26 weeks and pay at full wage (dependent on income), a significant increase on Labor’s 18 weeks at minimum wage. The Coalition says Labor’s scheme is unfair; Labor says the Coalition’s is not financially feasible.

4. Fiona Scott is not just a pretty face
There’s that missing filter again!

5. The Julia Gillard menu
Dated, I know, but the evening this was presented at was hosted by Mal Brough, the Liberal National candidate for Fisher in Queensland.

6. The pay gap

[This paragraph is left intentionally blank because nobody is talking about it]

7. Kevin Rudd’s alleged rudeness to a makeup artist
Lily Fontana took to Facebook after the second debate to say that she wasn’t treated too nicely by Ruddy when doing his makeup. No details have actually emerged about the conversation that took place, but Rudd did come out on the defensive, saying that he was ‘in the zone’. Draw your own conclusion.

8. The election campaign being referred to as a ‘national pregnancy’
Thanks, Tony Wright. I also don’t like you saying it will end in ‘hard labour’.

9. Marieke Hardy on Twitter
I enjoy it immensely.

10. The ‘Round and Round’ video
I know it’s not relevant but it’s both the stuff of dreams and of nightmares and really I just want to catch anybody who may not have seen it yet.

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