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“Whatever you do, whatever you see, whatever you read, at Lip we only ask one thing – think about it.” – Lip Magazine


‘I didn’t know about Lip Magazine until it started following me on Twitter. I’m not sure what it was I tweeted that got the attention of the magazine (or Twitter, since I probably popped up on the Who to Follow list,) but it was a pleasant surprise to find this alternative, young women’s publication on my timeline. I clicked, I read and then sent an email asking to write something. I’ve been writing for Lip for more than a year now and I’m excited to have gotten the opportunity to contribute on a semi-regular basis. Through it, I’ve also gotten a chance to delve into Australian politics, art, and social activism and I don’t think that would’ve happened otherwise; at least not at such a comprehensive level. The writers are from so many different places, it feels like a meeting place for intersectional, international feminism which is needed more than ever. This magazine is so enthusiastically and thoughtfully produced and I think that comes across in the intelligence and participation of its readership. It’s comforting to know that publications like this one exist – especially on the Internet. I don’t know how many people have come to Lip with a different perspective and left with a new opinion. Even if they haven’t, I’d hope that they at least gave something more thought than they might have otherwise.’ – Shannon Clarke, Writer
‘I’m a firm believer in speaking up on what you are passionate about. I also think there’s a time in everyone’s lives where they have to decide if they care enough to be outspoken about something, or if they’re happy taking a back seat because it’s not something they’re interested in. For me, feminism was something I decided on.
I did my own research and, as someone who is already passionate about things like human rights issues and equality, feminism spoke to me – not in the bra-burning, male-hating way that seems to be the stigma for anyone who calls themselves “feminist”, but in the equal rights, girl-power way.
I have to say, I love a good debate, and there are few things more fun than getting to write and report on the kinds of things that Lip looks for. I’ve learnt more from researching my own news pieces for Lip than I did in any history class talking about second wave feminism or Germaine Greer (scoffs and snorts from people in the class included). Lip had me sold the moment I found the website, and I knew immediately that I wanted to write for them. Finding a community of women who aren’t afraid to speak out and write about everything feminism is, simply, incredible. Lip brings me news, interesting commentary, and allows me to express my views in a passionate manner, to people who have the same beliefs. Put simply, Lip is awesome.’ – Matilda Mornane, Writer


‘Writing for Lip isn’t like writing for any magazine. It’s an expression of who a woman is fundamentally and everything that she believes in. It’s freedom, it’s passionate, it’s raw literature and it’s a celebration of life and all of its glories and downfalls. Writing for Lip has helped me grow as an author and as a feminist and most importantly, as a human being. Thank you for having me on the team. I’m grateful that my literature has a voice. – Sophia Anna, Writer


‘Personally, if there’s something, ANYTHING, where a group of girls can get together and talk about things then I’m all for it. This is why Lip is so great for me; it’s a forum and a nexus of feminist ideas and also just girl-related business. I am a firm believer in having girlfriends. I can’t stand women who don’t like other women. What happened to the sisterhood? If you’re a woman you need to have woman friends.
Lip is sitting in a circle and just chatting to your girls about the stuff that’s been preoccupying your minds. It’s coming clean about relationships, feelings and life issues. It’s what all girls should have a look at every now and then because it concerns all girls and women alike. I think that all women should have somewhere to turn to if they are confused, lost or in need of information and I think Lip provides that to its readership.’ Yalei Wang, Writer


‘The way I stumbled onto Lip was a complete accident. I was traipsing around Splendour in the Grass on my lonesome, since I couldn’t convince any friends to fork out the $500 ticket and flights to Queensland. I decided to do the festival on my own – it was my dream lineup and there was no way I would miss it. Eighteen, first year of uni and only a little (I’m lying – very) intimidated at doing a four day festival by myself. So I talked to everyone. I was squashed up against a girl in a mosh pit and struck up a conversation, since I was invading her personal space – you all know what festivals are like. It was Dunja Nedic, former managing editor and Love Out Loud writer for Lip. All I had was a torn out piece of paper with her email written on it (which I stuffed into my gum boot) telling me to email her with some of my written work. I chickened out and didn’t email her until six months later. That accidental encounter was the best thing to happen to me. Lip has introduced me to a range of badass people, exposed me to witty, informed and real writing, and gives me hope that there are a team of dedicated people trying to change the world one blog post/fundraising event/magazine publication at a time – with readers who are actively engaged. The difference with Lip is that its writers and readers actually give-a-damn. They’re all united with a common belief that what they write matters and it’s invigorating to be a part of such an awesome group of people.’ Angelique Lu, Writer


Lip is a great space for young people to get news and opinion pieces with a feminist bent. I think it is particularly good for people who have not had much exposure to feminism. We’re about celebrating the achievements of women, and questioning things that maintain inequality. It’s not about hating on men, or saying women are better than men – but some of our pieces are about saying ‘gee, it’s shit that rape culture still exists, that women get paid less for the same work, that women have to look and behave in a certain way in the 21st century.’ Lip talks about any issue under the sun, and offers women a chance to hear a different narrative than one they would get in more mainstream media. Lip is also a lot of fun, providing space to share indie art, films, music etc. We launched a short story competition last year, which was amazing!  Lip welcomes all voices and encourages young women of all walks of life to share their stories and opinions, and that what makes it exciting. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to contribute to Lip these days, but I check the website every day to see what awesome pieces have been posted.’ Amy Nicholls-Diver, Writer


‘I discovered Lip at age 15, when I had to do work experience somewhere for a high school class. Back then, Lip was a print mag for teenage girls, and my experience with the magazine’s founding editor, Rachel Funari, changed my life. I went on to be a columnist, then fiction editor, then editorial assistant, and have been editor-in-chief for four years now. Lip has irrevocably changed my life – it taught me that there are amazing, sassy, smart, vibrant women out there who really care about feminism, human rights, and gender equality, and gave me the tools to be part of this community. Lip is still one of the biggest parts of my life – from checking my email in the morning, through to editing and scheduling articles in the evening, all the way through to constantly trying to make Lip financially viable so we can continue bringing great feminist content to our readers. I hope that reading Lip brings you something special – a new perspective, a break during the day, maybe an “aha!” moment or two. I know that I certainly get a lot out of it!’ Zoya Patel, Editor-in-chief


‘I can’t remember how I stumbled across Lip but I do remember that it was at a time when I had something really important to say and needed a place to say it. I was starting my honours thesis and was finding my supervisor to be very close-minded in terms of what I wanted to write about (animals and ecofeminism in Australian literature). Lip gave me a place to voice my opinions and struggles. I didn’t write much more after that though as I was swamped with studies. A year later I resurfaced on Lip because I found myself finally realising what I truly want to be in life: a writer. I always have been one and it’s one thing that am pretty OK at, and after deciding to go back to study a PHD in literature next year, I thought I better hone my writing skills again. So I emailed the managing editor at Lip again and came back on board. I work full-time now and have time only in the late evenings to write, but often that is where my muse lurks for both my creative writing and writing for Lip.
I have learned many things from my short time as writer and as news editorial assistant and I am excited to learn even more. And not only has Lip given me room to learn and develop but also it is a great place for thinking and discussing feminism in all its different facets. There is never a dull moment on the site and that’s credit to all the writers and editors volunteering their time to keep us up-to-date on feminist news.’ Bridget Conway, Writer & Editorial Assistant (News)
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Designed by the wonderful Julia Johnson, and containing the best content from our website from 2013 + brand spanking new stuff + the winning stories from our 2013 Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction, our Yearbook is 100 pages of pure awesome. AND we’re launching it in Melbourne on January 9!
Details here.

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