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witchery introduces a size sixteen

This morning, I was reluctantly watching Sunrise (I know, I know) when, what I assume is a regular rotating panel of women came on to discuss the current issues. One of today’s current issues was: Australian retailer, Witchery, is now introducing a size sixteen to their range. The women were asked what they thought of this.

Overwhelmingly, the response was positive, yet cynical. Which is, funnily enough, my default feeling. In the retail world, especially with competing online markets, the almighty dollar is the ruler of all and this is obviously a dollar grab. Hey, more power to them, particularly if it introduces a slightly (and I emphasise slightly) larger range to a major Australian retailer.

I find Witchery clothing to be a bit oversized in some articles, so I believe that a smaller busted size eighteen or twenty might be able to fit their size sixteen. If I have one tip if anyone decides to try and buy? Wait for sales – their markdowns can be great and their full price, not so much.

One panel member brought up that she hates being called plus sized. I understand not everyone will want to identify as plus sized. Hell, it’s your prerogative to identify however the hell you like. I also understand that people do not think that a size sixteen actually IS plus sized. I’ve heard time and time again it’s around the average size of an Australian woman. Just because, I, at a usual size sixteen identify as plus sized doesn’t mean every other size sixteen has to identify as such. But the next thing the panel member said made me sad.

She said that she was sick of feeling embarrassed and ashamed entering a store that would not have clothing to fit her. I realised the difference between my thinking and this line of thinking. I wouldn’t be ashamed (though I might be a little embarrassed, go go social anxiety, go). I would be angry.

Angry that stores are sizing out so much of their market. Angry that plus sized women are forced to buy online if they want to wear something stylish and affordable, but then are blamed for not shopping in store at Australian retailers.

Why would they want to when they’re told they’re not good enough to enter a store? When they can safely buy something from their computer screen without having to put up with stares, comments or overly familiar sales assistants who call you “darl” and falsely compliment you? (I recognise that sales assistants have to fulfill a quota and most of this is coming from upper management, but seriously, I can tell the difference between a forced compliment and a genuine one.) When they’re thrown the utterly miniscule bone of having a company expand their range of clothing to what is supposed to be an average size?

Hell, man, I’d be buying all my stuff online too.

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8 thoughts on “witchery introduces a size sixteen

  1. 16, what a joke! Most stores need to go AT LEAST to a 20. With so many clothes made in China these days their sizing is definitely not ours. I can fit into anything from 10 to 20 all because they are not made the same. I’m generally 14-16 but even they don’t always fit properly. It’s garbage.

  2. I haven’t bought from Witchery in a long time. Interesting to hear you say sizing is oversized. I usually find the opposite in most stores, that a 16 is really a 14 or even a 12 compared with old clothes in my wardrobe.

    My own skepticism lies in whether the styles are redesigned slightly to accommodate larger sizes, and not just simply scaling the pattern up a few cm. This rarely suits “plus sized” women.

  3. Isn’t it a joke, Lady Jewels Diva! It’s like, “Oh, I SUPPOSE we’ll throw you a teeny, TINY bone and you’ll just have to like it, right?” Yeah, nah. Not buying it.

    Michelle — in general, I do find it slightly oversized, at least in some tops and dresses. But I’m very small busted, narrow shouldered and pear shaped, so I can’t get into bottoms there, probably even in a 16. Ugh. I hate when stores just scale up. It rarely works and doesn’t take into account different body shapes at all.

  4. I bought a generous 14 Witchery suede jacket from an op-shop a couple of months ago. Today someone pointed out it looks like something The Trunchbull would wear. Fuck yes.

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