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zooey deschanel, the feminine feminist

Image via HelloGiggles

Image via HelloGiggles


I have a girl-crush on Zooey Deschanel. I know, I know, so does half the female population. There are just too many good things about her. Her sort-of curly hair. Her bright blue eyes. Her deep, twangy voice. Her fashion sense and her status as a feminist.

So when she declared her stance as a feminist loudly and proudly in an interview with Glamour magazine early this year – part of which is published here – I fell even harder for her. She is quoted saying, “I want to be a fucking feminist and wear a fucking Peter Pan collar. So fucking what?” in relation to feminism.

That was her answer to anyone who says that feminists can’t be feminine – a long drawn out argument even today, when some would say we’re in a post-feminist era.

It is tiresome to think that the images of feminists who cut off all their hair, and refuse to shave their legs, wear a bra or even a skirt are still in high circulation. Granted, feminists that do some or all of those things do exist, and they’re entitled to dress in whatever they do or do not want. But that is not the only image of a scare-quotes “feminist”.

It’s upsetting to think that Deschanel is actually seen as “an oddly controversial figure to some women”. It is absurd that she had to defend her fashion sense because it might be seen by some critics as contradictory to her beliefs as a feminist.

Why does it matter? Why, if it’s as feminine as a Peter Pan collar, should anyone be scrutinised for it? Women should be allowed to wear whatever they want, in whichever way they want, without having to worry about whether it reflects their views.

So I’m glad Deschanel agrees with me. If someone as cool and high profile as her believes that fashion doesn’t equal feminism, then there’s hope that this kind of mentality will decrease. Celebrities do have enormous influence, after all.

I crush on her and idolise her because she’s the inverse Katy Perry, clued-in and witty. She can sing, act, dance (a little) and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. And damn her for being able to pull off the Peter Pan collar while those of us with broad shoulders struggle to button one up!

She’s fighting to defeat the traditional “dirty word” feminism is all too often categorised with. She stood up to Glamour’s interview question, spitting out an answer accessorised with profanities. That’s just one more reason I love her.


By Michelle See-Tho


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