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Thursday 17 July 2014
Art Arts

exhibition review: douglas gordon – the only way out is the only way in

Emma Breheny

    Douglas Gordon’s first retrospective in Australia, showing at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne, amplifies over twenty years of his work both physically and metaphorically. Most concretely, a collection of videos in Pretty much every film and video work from about 1992 until now are shown on 101 televisions occupying ACCA’s…
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Thursday 12 September 2013
Art Arts

exhibition review: monica sosnowska’s ‘regional modernities’

Audrey K Hulm
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    If the outcome of the election has left you, like me, with a gripping tightness in the chest, and an uneasy sense of foreboding about the state of all our societal structures, then Monica Sosnowska’s Regional Modernities, the current exhibition at the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art (ACCA) in Melbourne, might be for…
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