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Friday 20 February 2015
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lip lit: still alice

Jess Miller

‘I’m losing my yesterdays…so what I have to say today is timely.’ – Alice Howland   It is a brave thing to write a book about Alzheimer’s disease. The topic is heartbreaking enough in itself, as the disease has no known cure. It is also a dangerous representation to get wrong, as with all representations…
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Saturday 7 June 2014
Film TV

edie falco on ageing

Serena Walton
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Edie Falco has enjoyed a long career in Hollywood, in an industry that places great emphasis on beauty and youthful appearance. In a recent interview about ageing whether or not it had affected her career, Falco commented on Hollywood’s ageism, and her own experiences in the industry. ‘It continues to get better and more rewarding…
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Monday 10 June 2013
Culture Health Life Opinion

will life be better in our twenties or our forties?

Sarah Iuliano
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I turned 20 recently and I am so ‘old’. Old, old, old. Or at least, that’s how the majority of my 20-going-on-80-year-old friends would lead me to believe. I am the youngest in my circle, and as such they kindly passed on some knowledge of the other side (of adolescence, that is) to me: ‘You’ll…
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