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Saturday 19 December 2015
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lip lit: ask me anything

Eden Gillespie
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Ask Me Anything is acclaimed writer Rebecca Sparrow’s endeavour to answer a tangled and awkward mess of questions posed to her by teenagers. On the surface Ask Me Anything sounds like the kind of book that worried parents might buy their teenage daughter for Christmas, a remedy for unwanted pregnancies and a clever way to avoid…
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Thursday 5 November 2015
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lip lit: second half first

Christina Bulbrook
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Writing a memoir is a monumental task. And I write that as someone who has never attempted to do so. Consolidating decades of one’s life into a work small enough to be held in one hand seems titanic, especially given the complexity of its primary source: memory. The subtle art of memoir has been beautifully…
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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Lip Lit: Where to find strong females in literature?

lip magazine

Most readers could name a book that changed their life. For many women, it will be a book that got them thinking about the kind of woman they wanted to be, and they probably read it during a time of major change in their life. These are the books that are more influence than entertainment….
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