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Friday 23 May 2014
Featured Feminism Opinion

beyonce the flawless feminist

Sarah McGhee
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Beyoncé. Singer, mother and self-proclaimed feminist. Let’s face it, we adore her. But like every woman in the entertainment business who names themselves a feminist, there are times when the pointy bra and raunchy lyrics don’t quite live up to the ideology. But do we blame the industry for this, or the individual? The vast…
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Monday 14 April 2014

in brief: beyonce photoshops thigh-gap?

Sarah Iuliano
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Beyoncé has attracted criticisms for her supposedly Photoshopped thigh gap on Instagram. The singer took several snaps while golfing on holiday, with this one accused of being doctored to make her legs distinctly thinner with the clone stamp tool. Social media was set alight with complaints and censure of the star. ‘Really, Beyoncé? We all…
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Thursday 13 February 2014
News Sexuality

in brief: beyonce releases LGBT inclusive underwear line

Kezia Lubanszky
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Searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Beyonce’s new range of underwear might be just what you’re looking for. Designed specifically for Valentine’s Day, the new ‘Yours and Mine’ box sets are proudly LGBT inclusive. Sold directly from Beyonce’s website, the $40 sets feature boy-shorts and boxers emblazoned with the words ‘yours’ and ‘mine.’ The sets…
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Wednesday 15 January 2014
Feminism News

in brief: beyonce pens essay on gender equality

Matilda Mornane
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Continuing on her path to becoming the Modern Day Saint of All Things Awesome, Beyoncé has penned a letter on the myth of gender equality. Over the weekend, Maria Shriver, along with the Center for American Progress released The Shriver Report, a national research paper on the status of American women. The report includes research…
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Thursday 19 December 2013
Featured Feminism Music Opinion

why Beyoncé’s BEYONCÉ matters

Marissa Paine

  Beyoncé released a surprise visual album last week and broke the internet. iTunes crashed and social media lost its collective shit. The sheer magnitude of Beyoncé’s star power is such that she doesn’t need promo. She doesn’t need to slowly drop singles one by one, or sell merchandise, or convince everyone to buy an…
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Sunday 4 September 2011

Beyoncé’s Pregnancy: What it Means to Me

Christine Campbell
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When thinking about what to review this week, I realized I should probably write about the topic I’ve been singularly obsessed with since Sunday. Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant, and Jay-Z is the father. This baby, nicknamed “Baby Bey-Z” by the most culturally aware, is poised to have the most access to anything cool ever that…
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