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Thursday 7 May 2015
Arts Theatre

fly away peter: review

Bridget Conway
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  From the newly emerged Sydney Chamber Opera comes Fly Away Peter, an opera inspired by Australian writer David Malouf’s novel of the same name. Elliott Gyger and Pierce Wilcox, the composer and librettist respectively, took inspiration from Malouf’s poetic and stirring words about the landscape of peace and war, of nature and of transcendence, transforming…
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Monday 2 June 2014
Arts dance Theatre

performance review: stones in her mouth

Nikki Kennedy
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  Leni Ponifasio and his company MAU return to Carriageworks with their Australian premiere of yet another thought provoking work,  Stones in Her Mouth. Like MAU’s 2012 production of Birds With Skymirrors, which explored our relationship with the world in a time of climate change, Stones in Her Mouth is a similarly provocative work. Through the…
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Friday 6 December 2013


Lauren Strickland
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You walk in through the cavernous foyer, conscious of the sound of your footsteps and the echo they make. The door, with the number 19 lettered across it, is open. Looking in down a short corridor, there are exposed concrete walls and a sign with crooked lettering. You walk down the corridor and are steered…
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