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Friday 20 December 2013
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being blue collar doesn’t make me stupid

Sophia Anna
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“So…what do you do for a living?” Can we please all just collectively sigh? Because sometimes this question feels like perhaps the worst icebreaker ever invented among western civilization. A nervous smile usually ensues on my behalf and this is where I hesitantly answer, “I’m a hairdresser.” “A hairdresser?” comes the reply, often accompanied by…
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Tuesday 20 March 2012
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Broadening Feminism[s]: Intersectionality 101

Erin Stewart

As a movement, and speaking in very general terms, feminism has been guilty of marginalising the voices of other people. While it has been rejected on ignorant grounds which rely on stereotypes (feminists are hairy, scary people who hate men and burn undergarments), it has also been quite fairly rejected on the grounds that it…
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