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Wednesday 20 January 2016
Books Opinion

the austen industry: canon and caricature

Eden Faithfull
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W.H. Auden once said of Sigmund Freud that he was no longer just a person, but had become a ‘climate of opinion’. These days, it is challenging to think of many others in the public eye that merit this description, even with the effusive presence of reality television stars and the ever-growing relevance of pop…
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Monday 16 February 2015
Arts Books Opinion

Can ‘to kill a mockingbird’ have a sequel?

Jacqueline Lademann

The announcement that Harper Lee’s second novel, Go Set a Watchman, will be published in July is the biggest literature news in years. Not since the release of the last Harry Potter novel has the mainstream media spent so much time talking about a book. The revelation that Lee has had another novel hidden away…
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Wednesday 11 January 2012

film: moonlight cinema

Courtney Dawson
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Moonlight Cinema is back! Held every Summer from December through to March in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, a film under the stars is guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience for the whole family. This season kicked off with a preview of the critically acclaimed film The Descendants, starring, co-written and directed by George…
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