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Monday 31 August 2015
Feminism Opinion Sexuality

express yourself: why don’t we discuss female masturbation?

Clara Borg
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  I can’t remember how young I* was when I first discovered masturbation. Too young to know what it was that I was doing, certainly, and even to what end. But old enough – or engrained enough – to know that it was something I should be doing in private, and something I shouldn’t ever…
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Wednesday 28 May 2014
Featured Feminism

affirmative consent: the enthusiastic and ongoing offering of ‘yes’

Camilla Patini

    Last Sunday writer and feminist Clementine Ford gave an impeccably intelligent lecture on affirmative consent at the Australian National University. Clementine spoke of shifting the focus in debates about consent from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. Affirmative consent is positive, enthusiastic and on going. But it’s not just about seeking a ‘yes’ rather than a…
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