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Monday 17 February 2014
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lip-readings : the weight-loss resolution

Shalailah Medhora
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At our recent Lip-readings event in Canberra on January 24, SBS Press Gallery Producer/Reporter Shalailah Medhora gave the following speech on the complex issue of weight loss and women. Told with her unique voice, her talk painted a frighteningly realistic picture of the body image issues that plague so many women – and we’re excited…
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Monday 6 May 2013
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ditch the diet and plate up the positives: the butterfly foundation and international no diet day

Ruth George
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  The pursuit of the ‘perfect’ body is not something new; one only needs to look at Classical Greek sculpture to realise that. And the idea that this kind of body exists and is attainable – if only we stick to the right diet – is a dangerous myth. Every week, it seems, a new diet…
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Sunday 3 March 2013

Healthy Bytes: Sugar-free?

Ruby Mahoney

Dieting is bad, no duh. Carb-counting and strict food plans tend to end in fatigue, tears and ice-cream, and are not a way to ‘become more healthy’. That said, there’s been a new trend recently to go sugar-free. Not to lose weight, but to improve health and wellbeing. You can find the science of the debate here….
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Tuesday 5 February 2013
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the personal is political: feminism and weight loss

Katherine Klaus

On 1 January each year, many people wake up fully motivated to achieve the usual round-up of New Year’s Resolutions: meet someone special, quit smoking, change careers. By 1 February, most of these have been abandoned as we return to the comfort of ex sex, unshakeable nicotine addictions and our steady, if unexciting, jobs. Among…
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Thursday 10 November 2011
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baby and me, and jenny makes three

Dunja Kay

In addition to the baby-birthing that tends to accompany pregnancies, it seems that losing weight immediately post-pregnancy and becoming a spokesperson for Jenny Craig have likewise become implicit results of having a child. For celebrities anyway. Scary Spice did it, with the website stating that “to help ‘outsource’ the trouble of losing her baby bump…
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