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Monday 20 July 2015
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grey matter: reshaping female sexuality and erotica

Eden Faithfull
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None of us will ever know how many private moments under the bed sheets with a book light it has inspired, nor do we know how much marital boredom it has enlivened with riding crops and silk ties, but the new wonder-product otherwise known as the “women’s Viagra” of our time, Fifty Shades of Grey,…
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Monday 12 May 2014
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australia’s queen of erotica: an interview with Linda Jaivin

Annalise Bolt
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Linda Jaivin knows how to talk. With her international accent from years living in the US, Asia and Australia she’ll tell you about everything from Chinese culture, to feminism, with a few sex jokes in between. She became the Australian queen of erotica on releasing her first novel nearly 20 years ago, and since then her…
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Tuesday 22 October 2013

daily feminist news 22.10.13

Ruby Grant
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In case you missed it: ACT becomes first Australian state/territory to pass same-sex marriage bill! Earlier today the ACT became a lot more hip and happening when it became the first Australian state/territory to pass a bill that, if it doesn’t get overturned by the high court, could legalise same sex marriage! Very impressed, Canberra,…
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Thursday 6 June 2013
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the secret’s out: best-selling erotic fiction authoress is actually a dude

Alexandra Van Schilt

Natasha Walker has been marketed as “the best-selling authoress of Australia’s hottest erotic fiction” on the back of the best-selling The Secret Lives of Emma trilogy. But this information is not entirely correct. You see, Natasha Walker’s big secret has been revealed: she isn’t Natasha Walker, but John Purcell. Yes, the erotic authoress is in…
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Sunday 2 October 2011
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fur and feminism

Emma Koehn
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Fur or foxy ladies? Perhaps it’s a quandry you don’t have to face everyday. But global animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is reportedly asking its audience to choose, with plans to launch a ‘xxx’ pornography website in order to push across its vegan diet messages. Media outlets have jumped…
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