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Saturday 8 August 2015
Featured Feminism Uncategorised

blueprints: the future of women in architecture

Eden Faithfull
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On Wednesday, a panel of four women in architecture came together to discuss the plausible future of their professions, which featured Sydney architects Stephanie Smith, Rachel Neeson, Camilla Block and Imogen Howe. All graduates of the University of Sydney, the speakers collectively had extensive experience working for large Australian and international architects, infrastructure companies and…
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Friday 24 July 2015
Arts Fashion

fashion unWINEd: interview with diana antonijevic and isabella katan

Bridget Conway
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If you’re looking for something to do that combines fashion, beauty, food, wine AND fundraising for charity, look no further than Fashion unWINEd. This event, created by Diana Antonijevic and Isabella Katan, the two coaches behind event business Style & Beautify Me, will take you on a journey of  the gifted up and coming talents…
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Wednesday 1 July 2015
Arts Feminism

q&a: tigress magazine for girls

Marissa Paine
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Lip chats with Isobel Taylor-Rodgers, manager of Tigress Magazine for Girls, about what to expect from the mag, why teen girls need feminism and why we should get down to Abbotsford Convent this Friday. Who is Tigress Mag for and what’s within its pages? Tigress is a teen mag for young feminists, we’re focused on…
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Wednesday 23 July 2014

feminartsy at canberra’s front gallery café: a review

Brianna Doolan
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It was just another icy Friday evening in the cold heart of Canberra. The quiet of Northbourne Avenue indicated that all of the public servants had gone home to hibernate, most likely celebrating the weekend with cups of tea and what I imagine to be an endless supply of snuggies. I, on the other hand,…
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Tuesday 7 May 2013
Arts Get Involved

rights! comedy! action!: using laughter to make a difference

Maryam K
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The struggle of women varies from one cultural context to the next and it’s often difficult for those outside to effectively assist their sisters in other parts of the world. It can be challenging to put together a culturally sensitive campaign that helps, rather than hinders the progress of women living in a different context…
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Sunday 18 November 2012
Arts Books

The Invisible Thread : Celebrating Canberra’s Centenary Through Literature

Erin Stewart
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The Invisible Thread is an anthology of one hundred years of writing by those with an association to Canberra. Its launch in November will also mark the launch of Canberra’s official Centenary celebrations. Further, it is an official publication of The National Year of Reading 2012. The Invisible Thread will include short stories, essays, poetry,…
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Wednesday 1 December 2010
Culture Featured Opinion

interview: lena chen on coming out as a feminist

Erin Stewart

Feminist blogger and freelance writer Lena Chen talks to me about coming out as a feminist, as well as discussions and conflicts between feminists and how we can live out our ideological perspective. Lena is a really thoughtful woman. I’ve been reading her blog, the Ch!cktionary, for a while now and she deals with a…
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