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Wednesday 1 October 2014
Featured Feminism

a bastard of a job: a tentative defense of germaine greer

Ruby Grant

From the trail-blazing “saucy feminist that even men like!” to ‘controversial,’ feminist crone who has allegedly “stayed too long at the party,” Germaine Greer’s image and its relation to (white) Western popular feminism is complex.  The media has a funny relationship with Germaine Greer. Feminists have a funny relationship with Germaine Greer. Maybe the World…
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Wednesday 25 June 2014
Featured Feminism Sport

tackling sexism with sexism: collective shout and the lingerie football league

Maggie Gibson

  Being the feminist that I am, I’m all for calling out and challenging sexism. However, you can’t tackle sexism with sexism. In a patronising twist of events this is exactly what Collective Shout, an anti-sexism activist organisation, has tried to do. Legends Football League (LFL), commonly known as Lingerie Football League, came to Australia…
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