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Friday 19 August 2016
Arts Comedy Theatre

sharply pointed objects

Isobel Marmion
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Two weeks ago I got my first tattoo. When my dad found out, he asked if I was drunk, very loudly, down the phone. ‘I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to tattoo drunk people, Dad.’ Honestly, we’re British, so naturally, even though I know that my dad doesn’t like tattoos, I assumed that he’d just never…
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Thursday 18 August 2016
Arts Comedy Theatre

pink flappy bits: review

Emily Holding

Cabaret’s roots date back to the 1880s when bohemian poets, artists and composers would gather in French saloons to share creative ideas. It developed into a style of alcohol-infused risqué musical performance, notoriously characterised by improvisation, audience interactivity and small, intimate venues. In 2016, performers Tara Dowler and Louise Mapleston infuse cabaret, musical comedy and…
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