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Wednesday 1 June 2016
Arts news

let’s stand up against funding cuts to the arts

Miranda Geoghegan
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Friday the 13th of May was a bad day for arts organisations in Australia. All over Twitter were bursts of emotion like fireworks – pledges of people subscribing for the first time to the likes of literary journals ‘Meanjin’ or ‘Voiceworks’, in a show of support after announcements of cuts to funding. If you aren’t…
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Tuesday 17 May 2016
Arts Theatre

daffodils: review

Bridget Conway
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We have recently been hit with the difficult news that arts funding for small to medium arts organisations, especially ones that help young people and emerging creatives, has been slashed. The already lacklustre monetary distribution to the arts in Australia is now seriously dwindling and in danger. So, what are we to do? We keep…
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Wednesday 11 December 2013
News Politics

in brief: childcare centres asked to pay back pay rises

Kezia Lubanszky
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The Abbott government is asking childcare providers to ‘do the right thing’ by paying back $62.5 million dollars, given to them to improve wages in the underpaid industry. The opposition, who signed the contracts, are slamming the Liberal government for breaking a promise. The money was to be spent in over 1100 childcare centres to…
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