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Wednesday 30 April 2014
Featured Opinion

don’t risk dudeness: public disgust for veet’s sexist campaign

Sarah McGhee
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It has been a few weeks since Veet aired their latest campaign; a series of adverts all showing different shaming scenarios a woman apparently finds herself in one day post-shaving, all carrying the tagline ‘Don’t Risk Dudeness.’ I am a fairly confident woman, and I am perfectly capable of taking a joke and laughing at…
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Thursday 10 April 2014

in brief: veet’s new advertisement implies that having body hair literally makes you a man

April Glover
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Veet’s newest ad campaign has caused a stir in a commercial that seems to imply that women will basically turn into men if they don’t wax their legs and rid themselves of body hair. Each of the commercials show a woman who has transformed into a hairy man, even though her legs were only deemed…
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Tuesday 19 February 2013
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super sleek: poisoning myself for the sake of my femininity

Sarah Iuliano
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Every month, your ovaries produce a cyst. Mine produce a lot of them and with it a bit more testosterone seeps into my system than it would in yours. No, I do not have super-womanly strength or the physique of a body builder. Rather, my polycystic ovaries make me more susceptible to terminal hair growth…
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Sunday 20 May 2012
Culture Featured

amanda palmer, hairy armpits, and twitter

Lou Heinrich

While some celebrities are paid for their tweets, others use their sphere of influence to create an open discussion about the world we live in. Amanda Palmer likes to shock people. Formerly of The Dresden Dolls, now a ukulele lover and solo artist in her own right, she seeks to ridicule cultural confines of beauty…
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