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in brief: veet’s new advertisement implies that having body hair literally makes you a man


Veet’s newest ad campaign has caused a stir in a commercial that seems to imply that women will basically turn into men if they don’t wax their legs and rid themselves of body hair.

Each of the commercials show a woman who has transformed into a hairy man, even though her legs were only deemed ‘prickly’. The voice-over in the advertisement then declares ‘don’t risk dudeness‘ and ‘feel womanly around the clock‘.

It is one of a series of videos that follow the same vein – if you don’t shave yourself completely bald, society will consider you manly.

The ad, which first aired in the US earlier this week, has not been received well by many viewers, with some branding it ‘sexist’ and ‘wrong’.

The beauty brand does little to empower women as many other brands do, instead literally entailing that a female is not considered womanly unless she is hairless and freshly shaven.

It is a daring campaign that has offended many people, men and women alike, some even calling to boycott the products.

Titter users have also taken to social media to shame the company, one user tweeting: ‘Shame on you #veet for preying on the insecurities of girls and reinforcing phony thoughts of femininity’.

Editor’s Update ( 7:10 PM AEST 10/04/14) : After the resulting controversy over Veet’s ‘Dudeness’ campaign on social media, Veet issued a (non)apology via their Facebook page stating that they will be rethinking the campaign and removing the clips! Well Done, Everyone!

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