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Wednesday 30 April 2014
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don’t risk dudeness: public disgust for veet’s sexist campaign

Sarah McGhee
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It has been a few weeks since Veet aired their latest campaign; a series of adverts all showing different shaming scenarios a woman apparently finds herself in one day post-shaving, all carrying the tagline ‘Don’t Risk Dudeness.’ I am a fairly confident woman, and I am perfectly capable of taking a joke and laughing at…
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Monday 18 November 2013

crowning glory: hair, sex and gender

Ruby Grant
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Rapunzel fashioned it into a handy grappling cable. Mary Magdalene used it to wash the feet of Jesus. Clearly, hair is among the most versatile parts of the human body and because of this, it is oft imbued with a myriad of socio-cultural meanings. In 1957, anthropologist E.R Leach published an essay entitled ‘Magical Hair,’…
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Friday 27 April 2012

rapunzel, rapunzel: why we’re obsessed with long hair

lip magazine

The world might be a lot simpler if we were all bald, but as a self confessed lover of long hair, I probably wouldn’t survive long in such a world. So is long hair an asset in our society? It is after all, just another tissue like eyelashes which sustains our warmth and protection. Our…
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