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Tuesday 23 February 2016
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the politics of names: Westernised names and inequality

Annie Hariharan
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There’s a scene in the movie The Addams Family Values when Christine Baranski, as camp counselor, reads the names of the camp attendees effortlessly but pauses at the name Jamal. ‘I’m not sure how to pronounce this name,’ she says with a frown. ‘Ja..Jay mal?’ Cue eye rolls from Jamal, who is probably used to…
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Monday 22 July 2013
Culture Featured Opinion

where are we going wrong with women in sport?

Stella Crawford

If the back (and often front) cover of your local News Corp paper is anything to go by, sport is big news in this country. The last few months have been sufficient proof, if anyone needed any more, that a culture of sexism in sport continues to be tolerated – in fact – accepted, in…
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Wednesday 27 July 2011
Featured Opinion

when maternity leave isn’t enough

Erin Stewart
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Recent reforms and policy decisions related to maternity leave may be to the delight of women throughout Australia, but new research shows that such policies do not overcome the serious wage toll suffered by women who decide to take time off work in order to be the primary carer of a child. Paid parental leave…
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