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Thursday 17 March 2016
Feminism Opinion Sexuality

on mardi gras and the PM

Eden Faithfull

In a move that undoubtedly had the Prime Minister proudly patting himself on the back, Malcolm Turnbull stepped out amongst the Mardi Gras revellers to celebrate a night of pride and equality, with his legally recognised spouse by his side. Turnbull made headlines and risked backbench backlash with his attendance, becoming the first Australian Prime…
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Friday 10 July 2015
Column Featured Sexuality

back to ba(sex): msm and consent

Sarah Iuliano
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With LGBT Pride Month just passed in the United States, there have been some fantastic achievements acknowledging the rights of LGBT+* people in the Western world. The US Supreme Court decision finding marriage equality is a constitutional right has prompted increasing discussion of the matter in Australia. However, Aussie writers, including those at Lip, have highlighted an…
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Saturday 27 June 2015
News Politics Sexuality World

in brief: us supreme court finds marriage equality is constitutional right

Sarah Iuliano
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The United States Supreme Court has made a landmark decision to find same sex marriage is a constitutional right for all American citizens. The finding from the 5-4 vote in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges covers all 50 American states and the territory of Puerto Rico. The decision effectively overturns laws in the nation’s…
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Thursday 27 June 2013

in brief: U.S. Supreme Court rules DOMA unconstitutional

Shannon Clarke
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  The United States moved one step closer to marriage equality today. The highest court in the country ruled the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional by a ruling of 5-4. The decision (United States vs. Windsor) will extend rights to legally married same-sex couples, an act that legitimizes the marriages beyond the symbolic union….
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Wednesday 15 May 2013
News TV

in brief: american tv bosses axe lgbt shows and characters

Michelle See-Tho
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American television networks are moving to cut gay characters from screens. An article from The Hollywood Reporter says that television series The New Normal and Partners have been cancelled. Both shows featured predominantly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters, with members of the gay community also being involved in the creative process. The New…
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Tuesday 15 November 2011
Culture Featured

the queer girl’s guide to coming out

lip magazine
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Coming out is often portrayed in the media as One Big Event that changes the course of your life forever. While for some people, I’m sure coming out is something you do once only, and with a bang (Ellen DeGeneres springs to mind here), for most of us, coming out is something we do over…
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