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in brief: us supreme court finds marriage equality is constitutional right


The United States Supreme Court has made a landmark decision to find same sex marriage is a constitutional right for all American citizens.

The finding from the 5-4 vote in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges covers all 50 American states and the territory of Puerto Rico.

The decision effectively overturns laws in the nation’s 13 states, and Puerto Rico, which ban marriage equality.

LGBTI+ citizens and Marriage Equality supporters celebrated on the steps of the Court at the announcement, with couples not present celebrating their love swiftly with new marriage licences.

However, residents of some states are being told it may take several days for them to obtain these documents.

Americans and Marriage Equality proponents around the world took to social media, with Twitter users using the hashtag #LoveWins finding the networking site would add a rainbow of solidarity to their post.

The outcome of Obergefell v. Hodges is not the only news benefiting LGBTI+ Americans and families this week.

The Supreme Court decision comes as another American study debunks the myth queer parents are detrimental to children’s upbringing.

A University of Oregon literature review of more than 19,000 studies and articles across 36 years shows children of same sex parents are no worse off than their peers with heterosexual parents.

Out Columnist Dan Savage told renowned queer masthead The Advocate that the American public should not be complacent with the Supreme Court’s decision.

‘It’s a thrilling day, but it’s not the end,’ Savage said.

‘We still have abortion rights to protect, voting rights, and transgender rights.’

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