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Friday 24 June 2011

EP review: loon lake, not just friends

Freya Dumas
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Not Just Friends is the latest EP from Melbourne-based Loon Lake. The quintet consists of three brothers: Sam (vocals, guitar and keys), Sime (guitar and vocals) and Nick Nolan (drums), and two of their friends, Dan Bull (lead guitar and vocals) and Tim Lowe (bass). As you would expect from a group who obviously hold…
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Friday 17 June 2011

q&a: loon lake

Lisa Dib
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Loon Lake, a Melbourne indie-garage band consisting of  “three brothers and two mates”, are quickly but stealthily crawling into your life. Much like their namesake, they have been flowing through the local scene, making headway and friends as they go. I do so loathe the term “next big thing”, but… I chatted to Nick, drummer…
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