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EP review: loon lake, not just friends

Not Just Friends is the latest EP from Melbourne-based Loon Lake. The quintet consists of three brothers: Sam (vocals, guitar and keys), Sime (guitar and vocals) and Nick Nolan (drums), and two of their friends, Dan Bull (lead guitar and vocals) and Tim Lowe (bass).

As you would expect from a group who obviously hold both camaraderie and chemistry, Not Just Friends is an energetic and infectious offering. After I listened to it through once, I left it on as I went to do my Sunday chores, but by the middle of the third song – ‘In the Summer’ – I realised I was doing more dancing than cleaning. The songs are subtle in the way that they take hold of you: they don’t demand you to get up and enjoy them, but like a accomplished seducer – they just effortlessly pull you in (or rather up).

As hinted by ‘In the Summer’ (which has been enjoying some airtime on triple j), the six tracks are well, summery. It’s one of those perfect albums to play while you’re driving to the coast, or having courtyard beers and wines one lazy Sunday afternoon. Releasing it in Winter doesn’t exactly work against the boys, however. Playing it just reminds me of the sun, heat and general lazy vibes that will come later in the year.

The first track, ‘Into the Office’ sets the tone for the EP; vivacious and catchy, it’ll have you singing along in no time (particularly with the oooo-wooo-wooos). The second and fourth tracks, ‘I Loved You Then’ and ‘Suburbs’ are a touch more demure, but still have beats that will have you tapping your feet. The fifth track, ‘Easy Chairs’, with its frenzied edge and shifts in tone is probably my favourite of the EP, which finishes with the cheeky track ‘Wine’. It’s a CD for the good times, and will definitely put a smile on your face.

To find out more about Loon Lake, check out Lisa Dib’s Q&A with them. You can catch Loon Lake at the River Sessions Festival in MacKay on July 2nd, or purchase their album here!

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