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Friday 26 June 2015
Art Life News

in brief: ‘power of makeup’ trend shows makeup shaming has got to go

Sarah Iuliano
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Thousands of women have banded together to post selfies to debunk the myth women who wear makeup are ashamed of their everyday appearance. Posting images of themselves with half their face made up and the other portion bare, the hashtag ‘PowerOfMakeup’ has demonstrated defiance towards those alleging they are victims chained to the beauty industry….
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Wednesday 3 December 2014
Featured Life Opinion

i tried to go makeup-free for a month (and it made me feel like utter crap)

Kaylia Payne

A few months ago I decided to go sans makeup for a month in order to write an article about the experience. I had the entire piece written in my head, even before that first day of heading to work with my au naturel face on display for the world to see. In this article,…
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Monday 24 March 2014
Featured Feminism Opinion

the abnormality of the plain-faced woman: saying ‘no’ to no make-up selfies

Ruby Grant

You will have seen them. They’ve been viral over the weekend. In valiant acts of bravery and generosity, women everywhere have been posting (dark, out of focus and grainy) photographs of themselves WITHOUT MAKE UP. But never fear, for these drastic, selfless acts are all for a good cause: raising awareness and (apparently) money for…
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Wednesday 18 September 2013
Featured Opinion

is makeup racist?

Zoya J. Patel

This post was first published on Zoya’s blog, The Coconut Chronicles, where she muses on the difficulties of toeing the line between two cultures as an Indian-Australian. I’ll just put it out there – I’ve never been a big makeup fan. Not just for feminist reasons (and even then, my biggest issue is with hair…
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Monday 8 July 2013
Culture Health Life

Study reveals there’s more to your lipstick than you might know

Lexie Bean
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I am not usually one for fear tactics: for telling people what to wear, where they should feel safe, what health means for every body. However, a recent article on the dangers of commercialized beauty by injury attorneys based in the United States caught my attention. Over the past year, researchers have worked with a…
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Monday 9 July 2012
Featured Opinion

makeup : why do we wear it?

lip magazine
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I sneezed and a muddled smear of bronze, foundation and blush came away on the sheer white of the tissue and I wondered for a brief moment ‘What was the point of even putting it on?’ Why do we camouflage ourselves with makeup? It fascinates me how many men seem comfortable with their blatant imperfections,…
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Sunday 18 December 2011

makeup and femininity

Sonya Krzywoszyja
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There was a recent article on Xo Jane that talked about women, makeup and men’s perceptions of women and makeup. It reminded me a lot of this comic I’d seen circulating around on tumblr (see featured image). I laughed, but also felt annoyed. It’s true; I’ve experienced this before from the men in my life…
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