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Sunday 4 September 2011

Beyoncé’s Pregnancy: What it Means to Me

Christine Campbell
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When thinking about what to review this week, I realized I should probably write about the topic I’ve been singularly obsessed with since Sunday. Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant, and Jay-Z is the father. This baby, nicknamed “Baby Bey-Z” by the most culturally aware, is poised to have the most access to anything cool ever that…
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Sunday 14 August 2011
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dvd review: daria – the complete series

Bianca Bozzi
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It has been a long, long time coming, a whole decade to be precise. Apparently there was a time when MTV used to play content relating to music, before dispensing of all that to replace it with reality TV ad nauseam and maybe the occasional song or two. MTV also had an animation department that…
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Wednesday 20 October 2010
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dial m for whatever

Neale Irwin
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Let me tell you about the worst TV show of all time. It’s called Next and its premise is as follows; at heart, Next is a reality dating show, whereby one lucky person (whom we shall call ‘the subject’) is given the choice of 5 hopeful partners (whom we shall call ‘the idiots’). The idiots…
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