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Thursday 8 May 2014
Featured World

nasreen shekh: a feminist in the developing world

Heidi La Paglia
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  When I was in Kathmandu, Nepal in January 2014, I went to a shop called Local Women’s Handicrafts, and I met Nasreen Shekh. A friend of mine, Beth Collins, had been told about Nasreen’s shop by another Australian. On the program, the two of us had seen a lot of gender discrimination and women…
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Tuesday 30 April 2013

in brief: 51 girls rescued from ‘flesh trade’ in nepal

lip magazine

Nepalese online newspaper, República, reports that in the last year, 51 Nepalese women and girls have been rescued from the illegal sex trade in the Khasa region on the Nepalese-Tibetan border. According to the report, the trafficking of women, often against their will, from rural areas of Nepal into Tibet has increased significantly in recent…
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Monday 23 April 2012
Art Featured

exhibition: project 300

Josephine Mandarano
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“Lend a moment to your imagination and cast your mind back to your childhood, but replace your suburban surroundings with the Nepalese countryside. Where planned streets and roads are replaced by scarcely scattered buildings and rolling hills, with opportunities for schooling few and far between. Now that your mind has carried you there in thought,…
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