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Wednesday 4 September 2013
Featured Opinion

my menstruation is not a commodity

lip magazine

This post was sponsored by JuJu Menstrual Cups, but all opinions are held by the author. If you have a question about sponsored posts, email Zoya at [email protected]. * So, periods. They’re not the most fun are they? Even the most deeply feminist, empowered, confident, happy woman has to admit that bleeding for a week…
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Tuesday 3 September 2013
Culture Featured Health Life World

Imagine missing 20 percent of the school year just because of your period…

Sarah Jansen

When Mia Klitsas gets an idea, she doesn’t waste any time. Sick of her tampons getting destroyed in the bottom of her handbag, she created a company to sell tampons in a durable, purse-sized tin. Six months later, Woolworths was stocking her Moxie sanitary products and she hasn’t looked back. ‘Had I known what was…
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Wednesday 31 July 2013
Culture Featured Health Life Opinion

‘it’s like santa for your vagina’: HelloFlo’s refreshing new ad for sanitary products

Zoya Patel
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When I got my period for the first time, I was 13 and in year 7 at school. I felt it as I walked home from the bus stop with my sister, and told my mum as soon as I got in the door. My older sister was sent to show me how to use…
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Monday 28 January 2013
Featured News

carefree discusses vaginal discharge on the telly (again)

Emma Koehn
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2012 was a bit of a feminist themed vocab lesson. From misogyny to discharge, Australians were schooled in words you just don’t say on telly. You may remember this Carefree campaign that Lip gave the thumbs up to last year for daring to discuss vaginal discharge and the normalcy of it in a TV commercial….
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Monday 3 September 2012

on the rag, love?

Sonya Krzywoszyja

Women. What bitches, am I right? They moan, they nag, they’re shrill, they’re aggressive, they’re too emotional. We just can’t have them in high positions of power; they’ll let their rag decide who to go to war with because someone called them fat. Bloody women. You may think this is a parody and, it is,…
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