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Monday 9 December 2013
Books Culture

lip lit: amazing babes

Veronica Sullivan

Amazing Babes is a beautiful picture book dedicated to celebrating the diversity and power of women’s achievements in recent history. The title, with its connotations of pouting, superficial girls, is inherently ironic: these amazing babes are the antithesis of the pin-up chick cliché. Inspirational contemporary female figures such as Tavi Gevinson, Malala Yousafzai and riot…
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Thursday 15 August 2013
Culture Feminism

feminism 101: what in the world is a ‘riot grrrl’?

Danielle Bagnato

When I think of ’90s feminism, the things that come to mind are angry girls, Xena: Warrior Princess and Ellen Degeneres’ coming out. Third-wave feminism has a bit of a reputation for punk music, opinionated zines and a major divide between men and women. Smack-bang in the middle of all this activism was an underground,…
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Wednesday 26 June 2013
Fashion Film

I don’t have to dress for anyone: why the Dirty Girls were right about fashion

Isabelle Hellyer

‘I don’t have to look nice for anyone’ explains a messy haired girl of 13, seated in a high school auditorium. Her name is Harper Willat and, along with her sister Amber, she was the subject of ‘Dirty Girls‘, a documentary filmed in 1996 that has been gaining a lot of attention over the past…
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