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Friday 1 November 2013
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a life in the shadow of roman polanski: ‘i’m not a victim’

Alexandra Van Schilt

On 2 October this year, Samantha Geimer appeared on The Project promoting her autobiography The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski. In this interview, Geimer piqued my interest in purchasing and reading her book, not just because her story with Roman Polanski has been untold for many years, but also due to…
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Sunday 16 June 2013
News Opinion World

In brief : woman fired for being victim of domestic violence

Zoya J. Patel
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A San Diego teacher has been fired after a domestic dispute involving her ex-husband occurred at the school she was employed at. Carie Charlesworth, formerly a primary school teacher, was fired for being a ‘liability’ to the safety of students and fellow staff at Holy Trinity School in El Cajon. Charlesworth’s ex-husband has a history…
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Thursday 10 January 2013
Featured Opinion

why is sexism so entrenched in Indian society? reflections on the recent gang-rape case in delhi

lip magazine

  Pavithra Sagar is  a 25-year old female corporate writer and editor living in Tamil Nadu. Here, she discusses rape and casual sexism in India, in the aftermath of the recent horrific gang-rape case in Delhi, and sends a message to fellow Indian women. Along with millions of Indians, I have been in turn shocked…
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Monday 7 January 2013
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indian gang-rape case reveals horrors beyond the incident

lip magazine

There has been rape, murder, grief. There have been protests, riots, violence. There have been calls for hangings, rights, guns. There has been grief, anger, shame. There has been a funeral. On 16 December in New Delhi, India, a 23-year-old woman was raped by six men on a bus. She was beaten with an iron…
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