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Wednesday 2 November 2016
Feminism Opinion

why weddings are the worst

Eden Faithfull
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Like any other little girl, I would spend hours at a time imagining my perfect wedding. The ring, the bridesmaids, the cake and of course, the fairytale white dress. But it wasn’t until I recently attended a friend’s wedding ceremony that I started thinking – what does all of this really mean? Of course, like…
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Thursday 7 May 2015
Featured Feminism

love is a (feminist) battlefield

Helen Machalias

  Nowhere does the personal become more political (and public) than when a feminist becomes engaged and begins wedding planning. So much of the institution of marriage represents what feminism seeks to challenge.  Emily Maguire writes in Princesses & Pornstars that, despite being happily married, if she had her time again she wouldn’t become a…
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Monday 10 November 2014
Featured Film

my big fat gypsy wedding: the sad truth about gender stereotypes that still exist in britain today

Sarah McGhee
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If you live in England, you would undoubtedly have heard of the Channel 4 documentary My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, which explores the lives of gypsy travellers all over Great Britain. The series follows various teenage girls in the weeks and months leading up to a big event in their young lives, whether it’s their…
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Monday 14 October 2013
Culture Featured News

your presence is requested to witness the marriage of me and … me

Sarah Jansen
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I love weddings. They’re big parties that are all about celebrating love, catching up with people you never see, and dancing to ’80s and ’90s pop while tipsy. They’re a public declaration of a new chapter in the couple’s life; of the two of them having figured out what they want to do with their…
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Tuesday 20 November 2012
Culture Featured

modern ms manners: a note on wedding etiquette

Danielle Scoins

As a cake-loving, romantic sop, it should come as no surprise that I love weddings. They are like childhood birthday parties but with fancier lolly bags. I love everything about them, from the concept of love and commitment behind them, right down to the finer details that make a wedding day unique. So when I…
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