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Wednesday 22 October 2014
News World

facebook and apple offer women $20,000 to freeze their eggs

Bridget Conway
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Last week, monolith companies Facebook and Apple both announced that they would pay female staffers a whopping $20,000 to freeze their eggs. Egg freezing is fast becoming a popular way to delay child bearing, as it allows women to have a baby later on in life with eggs that are “younger”, therefore lowering the risk…
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Monday 22 September 2014
Featured Opinion

one in five australians think a woman is “partly responsible” if she is raped while intoxicated

Sophie Verass and Claire Capel-Stanley
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Last week shocking and shameful statistics emerged from a survey conducted by VicHealth. The results showed that one in five Australians believe that if a woman is raped while drunk or under the influence of drugs, she is partly to blame. One in Five. Duck, duck, duck, duck… Goose. Although the majority of those 17,500…
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Friday 31 August 2012

film review: the face of birth

Natalie Salvo

At the heart of the Face Of Birth documentary is a question. That is – do women have a right to choose where and how they will give birth? It is a hot button issue, yet one where other developed nations have deemed that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. This Australian documentary plays like…
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