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Tuesday 21 April 2015

lip lit: hot little hands

Donna Lu
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  Watching Lena Dunham’s Girls for the first time was an edifying experience. A large part of the show’s appeal for me—and perhaps for countless other teenagers and women in their early twenties—is its flawed and often hapless characters, who are relatable precisely because of their faults.  Here was Hannah Horvath: podgy, solipsistic beyond help,…
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Wednesday 12 February 2014

meet the judges: jessica friedmann

Ruby Mahoney
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Over the next week or so, Lip will be running a special set of interviews with the judges of the 2014 Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction. These lovely ladies are Jessica Friedmann, Melanie Tait and Estelle Tang. First up, let’s meet Jessica Friedmann. Jessica Friedmann is a Melbourne-based writer and editor, who has formerly worked at Farrago,…
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