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And just to prove that women are objectified in ways that men arent….


Check out this:

I posted to the lip blog when the original Vanity Fair cover came out. You can find a picture of it at This also shows how unoriginal women’s sexuality is these days; would you have known that was Scarlett Johansen?

6 thoughts on “And just to prove that women are objectified in ways that men arent….

  1. I agree that men certainly aren’t objectified anywhere near the extent that women are. When searching for the firemen photos I posted in the last blog’s comments (which managed to escape any comment for some reason), it actually took quite a long time to find the types of pics I wanted (that said, I left the “safe filter” on, so who knows what might have turned up!). Despite the search term “fireman sliding down pole”, I had to wade through pages of pics of women before finding a photo of an actual fireman.

  2. I also agree that men aren’t objectified anywhere near as much as women are. However, I personally like this take on the original Vanity Fair cover. And the fact that Vanity Fair are actually using this photo as their next cover. Granted, in the original Scarlett is far too airbrushed (I mean, come on, even the outline of her body is hazy) but if you look at it from a different persective it’s quite a beautiful photo. However, it would be great to see the photo done with men in the place of the women, and actually taken seriously.

    I’m unsure if I’m making much sense. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I didn’t see this new cover as anything bad. I had a bit of a chuckle and that was as far as I thought about it.

  3. hmmm
    and even if the guy was naked too,
    it would still be twice as many nude women to men… which would of course not reflect the real stats of female bodies/body parts, nameless heads and “beautiful” faces plastered all over our daily lives…
    i wonder if anyone has ever tried to count them!

    I don’t use Dove products because they test on animals, but if you haven’t already seen them, these you tube videos are a small step in the direction of a wake-up call.

    (I might just mention a comment from someone I know who approached Dove re. their everyday women campaign and was rejected, in her opinion because though they were looking for ‘different bodies’ hers was just too different.)

    Below, some of the recommendations in the APA report on the sexualisation of girls:

    “That APA advocate for funding to support the development and implementation by public agencies and private organizations of media literacy programs, including interactive media, in schools that combat sexualization and objectification.

    That APA advocate for the inclusion of information about sexualization and objectification in health and other related programs, including comprehensive sex education and other sexuality education programs.

    That APA encourage federal agencies to support the development of programming that may counteract damaging images of girlhood and test the effects of such programs, for example, Web “zines” (i.e.,Web magazines), extracurricular activities (such as athletics), and programs that help girls feel powerful in ways other than through a sexy appearance.

    That APA work with Congress and relevant federal agencies and industry to reduce the use of sexualized images of girls in all forms of media and products.

    Develop media awards for positive portrayals of girls as strong, competent, and nonsexualized…”

  4. I actually don’t think so. The way in which men are objectified are just different to women. Maybe it is time for men’s liberation. Let the boys cry. If women are suffering from sexism then are so men there can’t be only gender imprisoned.

  5. In the media, I think (straight) women are defo objectified more – but it’s also been part of the movement for female empowerment. Look at Paris Hilton who objectifies herself, unwittingly or otherwise.

    Pixie, I agree. Men are objectified in different ways. There are a lot of expectations placed on men that often get swept under the carpet – often in favour of other important movements like Feminism and Gay rights, but it still needs to be addressed. Male depression and suicide, especially with young guys, are on the rise.

    Maybe it is time for a male ‘liberation’ of sorts – but it should be the continued liberation of equality (a ‘Masculine’ movement would send us a bit backwards). We need to stick together.

    Stop the gender war! Men and women, straight and gay – unite!

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