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happy new year !!!!

Every year I make resolutions and, like so many others, very rarely keep any of them. Maybe because I focus on abstract things: like trying to be more organised and not procrastinate so much. Because yeah that’ll happen.

Going through last year’s list, though, I was able to tick off a couple of more tangible things: like getting a new job. Setting goals that have an end result, rather than being an ongoing commitment, seems to work better for me.

So this year, instead of procrastinating about uni and missing the enrollment deadlines, I’m going to get online and enrol in the whole year’s subjects in one go. Maybe tomorrow.

Hope you all have a happy new year, and may all your resolutions be achievable.

One thought on “happy new year !!!!

  1. my new year’s resolution every year is to stop biting my fingernails… and once again it will be this year’s resolution. But I also hope to FINALLY get a paid job in publishing/journalism.

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