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image ideas to ensure abortion remains fully accessible in VIC?

Want an opportunity to get your design work seen by women Victoria-wide and help ensure abortion rights?

lip is helping out a coalition of VIC and national reproductive rights organisations to ensure the best outcome for abortion law reform in Victoria. Abortion will be taken out of the Crimes Act and what is lawful and unlawful clarified.

In order to ensure that women’s voices are heard about this issue, we are designing postcards enabling people to write about their stories and/or opinions about abortion. These postcards will be distributed in women’s health clinics in VIC, at O-week and other places women who have experienced an abortion or feel strongly about reproductive rights can be reached. We will then use these stories in media and political campaigning to strengthen our message that women believe abortion is their choice.

As part of getting the message out there that abortion rights in Australia are NOT secure and making sure young women are involved in the campaign I thought that I would give all you readers an opportunity to contribute to designing this postcard. We need a catchy image that will appeal to women of all ages and expresses the theme: abortion, my body, my voice, my choice. We want women to have to pick up the postcard and take action.

We need to have the postcards ready by O-week, so the sooner you get an image to me the better. I’d like to have an image ready by the third week of January. If your image is used it will be acknowledged on the postcard.

Send your images to or ask me for further info at [email protected]

Merry Christmas!

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