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lip, Silly Season and the environment

lip issue 14 has a feature on the environment and a bunch of tips for living more environmentally sustainable lifestyles. The feature got me thinking about ways we can continue these efforts over the Silly Season.

• When you choose a gift for someone, think about whether the person needs it or will actually use it
• Buy a locally-made version if you can (craft and fruit and veg markets are a great source of locally-made goodies)
• Is your gift energy-efficient, recyclable, or will it need disposable batteries?
• Avoid buying things that are disposable – buy something that will last or that is easy to upgrade or repair
• Choose “green” gifts such as fruit trees, herbs, native plants, bicycles, water/energy saving gadgets
• Make your own gifts (especially food)
• Have a Kris Kringle so everyone only buys one gift, instead of several
• Make a donation to a charity on behalf of the person, and let them know what “their” gift will mean to someone more needy

• Meat has a big environmental impact – reduce meat portions and offer lots of vegetarian options
• Avoid fish that has come from overseas or that are long-living or deep-sea species
• Moderate your consumption of alcohol – lots of water is used in the production of beer and wine

• Avoid plastic and disposable decorations
• Try making your own from food like popcorn, cinnamon sticks and dried cranberries
• Buy a native tree in a pot instead of a plantation pine
• Use lights with LEDs instead of traditional bulbs
• Buy handmade decorations

We hope you are enjoying the latest issue of lip, and wish you all a healthy and happy holiday.

One thought on “lip, Silly Season and the environment

  1. A great post, and many excellent ideas to keep in mind. I sometimes buy secondhand dvds and books for people at Christmas – that way I can give them a great big stack of things rather than just one, plus it’s recycling. And you can reuse wrapping paper or just use newspaper – I shudder when I think how much paper waste there is at Christmas time!

    Happy Christmas!

    Lisa x

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