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lip’s songs of the year: 2013


2013 produced some great music, which saw us crooning along, dancing up a storm or feeling inspired. Here’s Lip’s songs of the year!


Applause – Lady Gaga

‘Not only is her music great, her video clips are a visual buffet!’ – Yalei Wang, Lip Writer

Don’t Save Me – Haim

 ‘To me, this song is about someone looking for balance between love and independence. It is a love song that can speak to you without being tragic or unrealistic’ – Eileen McInnes, Lip Writer

Dear Daily Mail – Amanda Palmer

‘Like every other twenty-something hipster who was originally an emo circa 2005-2008, I love Amanda Palmer, and will adamantly inform you that I listened to The Dresden Dolls before everyone else did. I feel like I grew up with her music and, now that I’m a big feminist blogger, editor and quirky-web-presence-mongerer, nothing pleases me more to find that she’s a total feminist legend. In this awesome response to The Daily Mail body-shaming her after her performance at Glastonbury this year, Palmer challenges all sorts of patriarchal bullshit’ – Ruby Grant, Lip News Editor 

Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake

‘Dancing around to this one was probably the most fun I’ve had with a song all year. Before this song’s release ‘Drake Does Disco’ sounded impossible. Now, I kind of hope he does it again’ – Marissa Paine, Lip Music Editor 

Change Your Life – Iggy Azalea

‘When I was about 10, I was obsessed with all things American rap. I wanted to be like Eminem. You know, like a white (trash) rapper? But I’d totally have an edge on the Real Slim Shady, because I’d be a LADY white rapper. Well, turns out ten years later there’s an Australian white lady rapper who’s actually LIVING my childhood dream.’  – Ruby Grant, Lip News Editor 

Good Man – Teeth and Tongue

Claire Jansen, Lip Writer

Nothing Compares To You (Sinead O’Conner/Miley Cyrus Mashup) – Amanda Palmer

‘The release of Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball attracted monstrous media & critical controversy. Most criticisms targeted the song’s overtly sexual video, directed by serial creep Terry Richardson. Annie Lennox and Sinead O’Connor wrote well-meaning but unasked-for open letters of concern and advice. Amanda Palmer responded by defending Miley and saying that far from being exploited, “she’s taking advantage of herself, of her youth, her fame and her sexuality…and she knows it.” She also recorded this perfect, raw, beautifully vulnerable mashup of Miley and Sinead’s songs’ – Veronica Sullivan, Lip Writer

Give ‘Em What They Love – Janelle Monáe feat. Prince

‘Very rarely do the first few lines of a song get me and keep me going. “I am sharper than a razor, eyes made of lasers, bolder than the truth. They want me locked up in the system, ‘cuz I’m on a mission, blame it on my youth”. If ever there was a song that perfectly captures where I am at this point in my activism, this is it. I’ve admired Janelle Monáe’s music for a long time and this is one of my favourite collaborations of the year. It’s four and half minutes of pure confidence and we all need a good song to stomp to every now and then’ – Shannon Clark, Lip Writer

Play By Play – Autre Ne Veut

‘Play By Play is the first single off Anxiety, the debut album from Brooklyn’s very talented Autre Ne Veut. The song builds beautifully, keeping the hook until you’re well and truly ready for it, and landing in a blissfully satisfying place. Keep an eye out for Autre Ne Veut at Laneway early next year and then everywhere else. 2014 will be his year’ – Marissa Paine, Lip Music Editor 

 Gun – Chvrches

‘Headlined by a female vocalist (the excellent Lauren Mayberry), the song is a wonderful dance track – both dreamy and sophisticated. I had the album on repeat for most of the year’ – Bridget Conway, Lip Writer

 Hard Out Here – Lily Allen

‘Awkward racist objectification/perpetuation of hyper sexualisation of black women in the video aside, I’m glad this song exists. If anything it at least prompted an important ongoing debate about feminism, race etc. The slight jabs at Robin Thicke/Blurred Lines are also much appreciated.’ Ruby Grant, Lip News Editor 

Chamakay – Blood Orange

‘British Dev Hynes is Blood Orange, a singer/songwriter/producer who is another artist who has used 2013 as a springboard for what will surely be a massive 2014. Chamakay was the lead single off this year’s Cupid Delux and it’s a sun-dapples, emotional and layered aural gem, assisted by Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek. If you haven’t listened to this one, do so immediately’ – Marissa Paine, Lip Music Editor

 XO – Beyoncé

‘This isn’t even my favourite track off the new surprise album, but there’s something perfect about this track being officially released at this time of year. It’s joyous, grin-inducing and sing-a-long ready. This is a superb pop song, containing layer after layer of melodic bliss’ – Marissa Paine,  Lip Music Editor 

 We Can’t Stop -Miley Cyrus

‘Take away all the controversy, the shock value and the cultural reappropriation and we have this perfect pop song. We Can’t Stop was the smartest choice for the debut of Miley 2.0. Backed by this year’s beat-maker supreme Mike WiLL Made It, it’s party-ready, a defiant anthem and charming as hell – definitely a contender of song of the year ‘ – Marissa Paine, Lip Music Editor 

 Retrograde – James Blake

‘Overgrown is just one of those albums that is so perfectly structured and crafted that it made it near impossible to pick a singular song. But the one song that really resonated with me is Retrograde. I can’t count the amount of listens this song has had this year. Besides Blake’s irresistible voice and absolute cool, the lyrics really hit home with me. For a girl with a lot of self-doubt and insecurities like myself, Retrograde is a harsh but much needed eye opener. It’s dark but it’s also raw and beautiful and I wouldn’t have it any other way’ – Louie Smith, Lip Writer