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news round-up 16.8.15

Image: Daniel Lobo

Image: Daniel Lobo


On Lip this week

Danielle Croci discusses the new VicHealth initiative aimed at increasing women’s participation in sports

Jessica Oliver reviews Of Mice and Men, A Sport for Jove Theatre Company production

Loani Arman talks about breaking up with tampons in the first instalment of her hilarious new series for Lip

New research finds that the birth control pill can prevent endometrial cancer

Amy Schumer: offensive or avant-grade?

Is Taiwan set to have its first female president? Eliza Graves-Browne looks at the 2016 presidential election


Elsewhere on the Interwebs

The sister brand to fast-fashion retail giant H&M, & Other Stories, used two transgender models and five transgender creatives for their Fall campaign, in an attempt to change the traditional fashion gaze.

Speaking of transgender, the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars has just had their big reveal, with ‘A’ (the mysterious person tormenting the girls) turning out to be a transgender woman. The reviews of this reveal have been mixed, with some calling the show progressive, and others saying that it is a damaging way to portray transgender people.

The woman who had her vagina forcibly searched after being pulled over for running a stop sign (yes, unfortunately you read that right) has had all charges dropped against her.

In what may be the most surprising news of this year, our esteemed leader Abbott has called on the Liberal Party to pre-select more women for the Federal Parliament. Not so surprisingly is his complete unwillingness to have any kind of quota, arguing that merit must remain the driving factor.

The treasurers for the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria are seeking to have the tampon tax removed, after Joe Hockey put the onus for this issue on the states and territories.

Stephen Colbert wrote this awesome piece for Glamour, promising that he will use his ‘Late Show’ to celebrate and respect women.

Target has said that they will phase out gender-based signage from the children’s bedding and toy aisle, which has led to many angry customers threatening to boycott their stores.

Amid allegations that asylum seekers are being water-boarded at the Nauru detention centre, the ABC has released footage showing Australian guards at the dentention centre joking about shooting detainees before the July 2013 riot.

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