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Readers can change the world… or at least save a magazine

I thought I’d just share with you something inspiring that I came across today. It reminds me that although smaller publications may have to struggle a bit more than their mainstream rivals, there’s still hope.

US feminist magazine Bitch released a video on YouTube a couple of days ago, asking for help to keep the publication going. As a non-profit indie magazine, they were really struggling with finding funds for another issue and there was a danger that the current issue was going to be the last. So they went to the readers, saying that they needed to earn $40,000 to keep the mag going, and that any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Amazingly, in just three days, they have surpassed that goal and now have $46,000 in the kitty.  It just goes to show, readers can make such a difference in determining the fate of a magazine. So, kudos goes out to all the lip readers. You guys are awesome… keep reading and let your mates know about lip as well.  Same goes for the other alternative publications you read. By spreading the word, you can ensure that young women know that there is reading material out there that offers an alternative to the near-identical, sex and fashion obsessed content filling so many magazines today. Cheers.

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