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Six too many

Since 2000, NSW’s youngest mother was just 11 and fewer than six 12-year-olds have given birth, according to the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

In the papers today we read about one such 12-year-old girl who, allowed to live with her 15-year-old boyfriend despite her father’s pleas to the Department of Community Services, is now about to become one of the state’s youngest mothers.

“The department admitted it failed to act earlier because staff were working on more urgent cases.”

Given the age of the child and the circumstances of her living arrangements, shouldn’t this have been treated as an urgent case too?

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6 thoughts on “Six too many

  1. I think this is a clear example of under funding and perhaps a mis-deligation of important cases, because to me this is something that would need immediate attention!

  2. just think…. on the kid’s 18th birthday, she’ll be 30.
    she hasn’t finished growing up and learning, so how’s the baby gonna learn?
    and imagine how badly they’ll both be bullied by their peers…..
    if this isn’t an important issue, what is?

  3. the government is HIGHLY overrated, their idea of ‘urgent cases’ are simply cases that will promote their popularity – for example, my city’s newspaper came yesterday stating on the front page ‘We’ve established a new building for youth bands to play in because we care about children’ well thats all very well…It went on to explain how much effort and money they had put into the project, and how good they were for being unselfish and spending tax payers’ money on trivial things. When i set down the paper an hour later after having read it front to back, i was astounded that it took ’till the 31st page to even mention a homeless family that had lost two of their number recently; one 6 year boy old-due to starvation, and one 14 year old girl-due to an infection in her stomach. Those in charge should get their priorities straight!

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