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Can anyone recommend a good tattoo/piercing parlor in Canberra?


2 thoughts on “tattoo/piercing?

  1. Do not go to tattoo xtreme in queanbeyan and do not get Jack to do it there. I just had an appointment booked there with Jack and it was for my 3rd Tattoo, so I went in to check out my design he was going to draw up and when I told him it was going on my neck he wouldn’t do it. Why? Because he said he dosen’t do tattoos where people can see them if you haven’t already got one where people can see it, well I have one in the middle of my back and I love to show it off in summer and I also have one on my ankel(which according to him dosen’t count as showing)and I am very proud to show them it off, but he was concerned that people will prejudge me and unless I have been to jail (and this is what I was told) he would’nt do it.HOW CAN YOU TRUST A TATTOO ARTIST WHO DOSEN’T LIKE TO SHOW OFF HIS TATTOOS?(and dosen’t have any showing I gess not cnferdent in his work. Maybe I look to nice for a tat I don’t know, I think he was quick to prejudge me. So if it is somewhere where people will see it Queanbeyan is not the place to go and not Jack. I have gone to and booked in at Tuggeranong and many people who I know have got it done there and it was great. A friend of mine is getting a sleave done there and it is a few tripps before it is finished but so far it looks cool. As for piercing I got my tounge pierced at Lynham tat shop and it was not in straight and I had to take it out so I don’t suggest there, I am going to get my labret done at Tugger’s so hope its better then lynham.

  2. A lot of tattooist these days wont do neck or face tattoo’s.

    If you had discussed the location on your first call, they probably would of told you they don’t do that location unless you have had prior ones done in that sort of location. (like the back of the hand)

    But you have to be happy with the person doing the tatt. And you should find somewhere where you are happy with the staff.

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