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These come from trees

Check out this blog: an experiment in environmentalism, viral marketing, and user interface design with the goal of reducing consumer waste paper!

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Incidentally, I found this blog only minutes after a heated debate with my coworkers about office recycling. Bureaucratic contracts prevent effective recycling in my workplace, allowing only white printer paper to be placed in the recycle bins we have. Cardboard, soft drink cans and other recyclable waste can only be disposed of in regular garbage; however, there are some staff members conscientious enough to take their recyclables home.

I wanted to “acquire” a proper wheelie bin, like the ones we have at home… problem with that idea is that no one will come and empty it. It’s “not in the contract”, and the regular garbos don’t come to my office complex. But apparently they’re looking into “trialling” a new system. It’s a start.

So, the only interim solution (which hopefully will evolve into a long-term one) is to reduce what we use to begin with. We all talk of the “paperless office” – let’s actually try to implement one! I know a few great places for this sticker in my office space…

2 thoughts on “These come from trees

  1. I know what it’s like to work in an un-eco-friendly office. I always fight with my colleagues about recycling. I tried to get them to use recycled paper but it wasn’t ‘white’ enough. The recycling bin I brought in was surreptitiously removed. Nobody shreds and recycles. They use a bazillion litres of water everyday using a (needless) dishwasher… The list goes on 🙁

    I think that label is awesome. Even if it’s hard, people need to fight for the environment, even if you have to face up to your coworkers from time to time.

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