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What is the definition of ugly?

Because of many so-called “beauty standards”, Tiara Shafiq feels she is. In her home country, Malaysia, where most people have dark skin, fair skin is touted as the ideal of loveliness. An Australian size 12-14 translates to a XXL. And smooth, hair-free legs is also an expected feature of a “beautiful” woman.

Yet, I’m sure many of you will agree with me when I say Tiara embodies beauty. She has no desire to “fix” her appearance, and is comfortable and confident with her body. She is not a Photoshopped clone of the “perfect woman”. She is an Imperfect Woman, as are we all. And she has a smile that lights up a room. Thank you for sharing this post, Tiara.

5 thoughts on “What is the definition of ugly?

  1. You have a fantastic point – and as I posted on her blog, but I think she is a strong definition of beauty. She has no shame in who she is and is comfortable in your skin. She is really beautiful. x

  2. OMG! I wasn’t expecting this. Thank you so much!

    The comments on the Facebook version of this note were a brilliant collection of personal reflection, quotes, even a script from a previous performance art piece! There were confessions about crotch foundation and recommendations for music. So much beauty.

    I’ve been asked for a followup; I’ll wait till tomorrow for any responses, then write something. So inspired. Thank you.

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